Our practice focuses on services to assist companies in developing strategic plans, improving the efficiency of its daily operations, and providing guidance on document automation solutions.

Our services involve six primary functions that comprise the underlying strategy to solve paper related performance challenges. These elements are critical in a successful technology and/or business redesign effort. We help companies define needs, identify areas to improve, redesign processes, prepare programs to manage the impact of change, define document technology requirements that fit revised processes, develop Requests for Proposals, assist in the vendor(s) selection processes, and manage the implementation of the defined document automation solutions.

The six functions are:

Strategic Planning

Assist organizations in defining their goals and objectives to develop a comprehensive Electronic Content Management technical and/or business strategy.

Process Improvement

Focus on defining current document related business processes, evaluating the organization objectives, identifying areas where redesign will be beneficial, and designing innovative solutions.

Change Management

Working with your team, we help manage the impact of change by assisting people to transition to new document automation processes and technologies

Technology Consulting

We help organizations understand the changes in today's document automation technological world and provide strategic Information Technology planning, process improvement, and expert advice on how to match technology to the needs of the organization.

Vendor Selection

E-docTEK assists businesses in developing a Request for Proposal and provides them with a comprehensive review of vendor products, services, and agreements. We look at not only the products, but also the vendor behind them to find the best fit for the organization.

Project Management

Our staff helps guide the project through strategy development, evaluation of the current environment, redesigning work processes, the selection of the document automation information technology, and project implementation.


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